RocketApps LLC

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ROCKETAPPS LLC is a market leader in Asia. The company has created such a unique application as Call & Voice Recorder App with over 11 million installs around the world. It is an automatic user-friendly call recorder that helps users record incoming and outgoing calls with the high quality of sound. A user can manage recording files, listen to the recordings, add notes and share them. The app syncs with the cloud.

I’m extremely pleased with our CloudFM engagement. Not only have they worked seamlessly within our existing team, they have added valuable AWS specific knowledge and experience that has driven the success of this project.

Development & Operations Director

CloudFM was brought in to assist with two main aspects of the project

Project and Change Management across all relevant stakeholders. CloudFM provided one of its expert Cloud Project Managers to apply cloud migration best practices and methodologies to ensure a successful project. CloudFM’s PM acted as one of the internal team members and was involved in planning and driving the overall project.

CloudFM provided senior engineering resource to help the project team with the best technical practices, AWS expertise and access to the CloudFM pool of talents. Our engineers augmented the internal DevOps team to accelerate the project as well as to ensure the whole infrastructure was built with the future in mind.

CloudFM helped ROCKETAPPS LLC internal team with guidance and best practices from both technical and project delivery perspectives.