2019 AWS Summit Berlin: How Was It?

2019 AWS Summit Berlin: How Was It?

The AWS Summit, organized by Amazon Web Services, Inc., was held February 26-27, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The conference covered areas like AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network presenting on a broad variety of use cases with AWS. Our top management, Evgeny Lakhmanov, and Alexander Sergeyev participated in this summit, and we would like to share this experience with you.

AWS Global Summits are free events designed to inform attendees about Public Cloud offerings, services and news. The Summits are held all over the globe in major cities, attracting IT decision makers and technologists across industries who want to learn how Amazon Web Services can help them innovate faster and deliver flexible and reliable solutions.

The AWS Summit in Berlin was a great learning experience. The first day of the summit was introductory and, to some extent, educational. Its content was focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features as well as best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees are new or have introductory knowledge of the topics.

Day 1 Agenda

Day one of AWS Summit Berlin opened with a session on ‘Go-to market for startups’. This included a presentation from Antoine Brochet on how AWS can assist startups in their way with tools such as AWS ‘Launchpad’ and the Alexa fund.

Next up came the Keynote speech, organized by AWS DASH General Manager Klaus Burg and Dr. Werner Vogels, Technical Director of Amazon.com. Also, presentations came from the Customer Keynote Speakers: Eleke Reichart (Chief Digital Officer of TUI Group) and Yvonne Quacken (Head of Digital Services of Siemens Mobility).

Day 2 Agenda

Day two began with the 2nd Key-note speech of the summit, again hosted by Klaus Burg and Dr. Werner Vogels. Presentations also came from the following AWS customers: Prof. Dr. Torsten Haferlach (CEO of Munich Leukemia Labs), Patrick Kua (CTO of N26), Danna Rabin (CEO of HEED).

Actually, the summit presented a varied array of content for both beginners and advanced AWS users. For us, it was helpful to take a closer look at other customers of the AWS platform and to get acquainted with deeper technical content in order to achieve greater success in AWS. The experience gained at the summit will allow us to expand the range of AWS tools we use, which, in turn, will increase the productivity and stability of the services we provide, the speed and quality of development, as well as the number of useful functions for our clients.